Nathaniel Wojtalik is a New York Based artist and designer, working as both set designer and art director for the fashion industry.

He has had international recognition as an artist, showing work at such prestigious venues as Centre Pompidou, Berkeley Art Museum, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and Coimbra Botanical Gardens (Portugal.)

In 2009, along with Christen Genga and Andrew McClain, he started the creative collective now known as Spoke Visuals, who’s ultimate goal was to foster a supportive environment for creative individuals.  Since its inception, Spoke laid the groundwork to expand into a multifaceted collective, supporting artists, designers, musicians as well as an abundance of other creative types.

Since parting ways with Spoke in 2012 he has developed a practice for himself that has become well respected within various industries. He has been called a polymath in the way he can blur artistic limits and offer his wide ranging expertise and personal history to inform compelling visual ideas.


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