Decorum Balance was a brief reaction to the Decorum Series initially produced in 2015.


Decorum is a abstract reflection of routine through a series of still lifes.

The series makes a tongue in cheek reference to the 17th century Dutch and Flemish Vanitas still life paintings which portrayed the typical fruit and flowers mixed with musical instruments, science paraphernalia and vessels that acted as symbols of life’s impermanence.

Often times they would use iconography such as a skull, hour glass or turning pages of a book to send a moralizing message on ephemerality of sensory pleasures.

Throughout the narrative, the video has micro references to the individual elements of the Vanitas paintings while replacing the inherent darkness and morbidity of the original works with saturated color and puerile humor.
At the same time, the overarching resolution to the series denies the certainty of death (as portrayed by the original paintings) and implies that maybe we just need little nap before we wake up and do it all again… which might in fact be more depressing than a death itself.